Software Developer



  • Position: Software Developer
  • Quantity: 1

1. Job description:

  • Joining in analyzing and programming development systems on .NET framework.
  • Doing other software-related jobs in guidance of the executive board.
  • Joining in developing softwares according to project deparments’ briefs.
  • Analyzing software requirements and designing application structures.
  • Proposing technical solutions, making executive plans, writing technical documents for projects.
  • Reporting jobs or working status to higher managing levels periodically.
  • Following project deparments’ briefs and following the customers.
  • More detailed information will be discussed in the interview.

2. Job requirements:

  • Graduated from software-related universities and colleges or specialize in software and programming (University of Natural Science, University of Science and Technology, University of Information Technology,…)
  • Experienced in working with programing language – C# on ASP.NET; Database MS SQL Server
  • Experienced in client side programming (Javascript, HTML5, CSS3) and making good use of Javascript (JQuery, RequireJs, Bootstrap,…)
  • Being able to modify UI/UX o client site.
  • Logical minded.

Other requirements:

  • Having good mindset and thinking in architecture optimization and system structuring.
  • Having good knowledge of Object-oriented Programming (OOP) and other programming system.
  • Experienced in using signalr, nodejs or real time data processing.
  • Active in working.

3. Candidates’ rights:

  • Salary: proposed by candidates according to working ability.
  • Benefits:

– Have Social insurance; Health insurance, Accident insurance according to governmental laws.
– Take days off and holidays according to governmental laws.
– Receive bonuses from projects, or for Tet holidays or from other policies of the company.
– Health checking one a year.
– Experience company activities such as teambuilding, member birthday party, weekly connecting activities,…
– Friendly and professional working environment.
– Lunch (12h00) and teatime (15h00) at company…

  • Trial period: 2 months (maximum).
  • Pay raise consideration: twice a year.

4. Place to submit CV to:

  • Via mail:
  • To the address: TEN Group joint-stock company, 56, 3122 Pham The Hien Street, 7 Ward, 8 District, HCMC.
  • Upload via the form at the bottom of news.


5. Contact info:

(Mr.) Dao Duy Xuyen

Phone numer: 097 444 6915.