Hackathon – IoT Innovation for Vietnam

Vedan Activation 2018

Trung Nguyen Activation 2018

Nong dan Bayer Trieu phu contest

Coca Cola - Internal launching event

Coke Coffee

Co.op Organic Cooking Show 3

Bayer - Key Farmer Meeting

Bosch - New Year Party 2018

Coca Cola - Giving Coca Cola for a Happy new year

Southern Lion dances

BEL Vietnam - Lucky Draw

Bayer - CAP Event 2017

Event - Customer Conference

VEDAN - Customer Conference in Ha Noi


VEDAN - Customer Conference in Ho Chi Minh City


Co.op Organic Cooking Show 2

Bayer - "The Coffee Best Farm" contest

Trung Nguyen Activation

Co.op Organic Cooking Show 1

Aqua Maris


Saigon Co.op Event

"Launching the project on management, identification, traceability of poultry meat and poultry eggs" Announcement

Bayer - “Climate-smart rice cultivation process”contest

“Climate-smart rice cultivation process”contest for farmers to promote sustainable farming


Bayer Roadshow

Gala dinner of Bosch Engineering Vietnam in 2017

Team building of Bosch Engineering Vietnam

Camp-fire night of Bosch Engineering Vietnam

Bayer Festival - Increase productivity, increase quality, increase profits on pepper, pomelo, durian at Nhon Trach Stadium, Dong Nai Province

Chuyến xe 20 năm tự hào hàng Việt – Cùng Co.opmart lan tỏa tình yêu hàng Việt.

Saigon Co.op - Event

VIP Gala Dinner DKSH 2016

Event - Customer Conference

Bayer - "Coffee Festival - Increasing productivity, quality and profit" at Dak Lak


Bayer - "Coffee Festival - Increasing productivity, quality and profit" at Lam Dong


Saigon Co.op - Launch of international standard organic products - Co.op Organic


"Đại sứ Bayer 2017 - Hành động vì cộng đồng"

Event - Customer Conference

Bayer - "Nữ hoàng TEJ Vàng – Hạt dài vàng sáng"

Events - Launches new products

Saigon Co.op - Chương trình "Tích tem đổi quà, đẳng cấp miễn phí"

Customer Conference

Bayer - "Ronstar - Chuyên gia diệt cỏ lúa"

Events - Launches new products

VEDAN - Customer Conference

Event - Customer Conference

Uriage Thermal Water


Thịnh vượng cùng Bayer “Lắng nghe kỳ vọng – chia sẻ thành công”

Customer Conference

Customer Conference - Hiruscar 2016

Event - Customer Conference

Đề án Quản lý, nhận diện và truy xuất nguồn gốc thịt heo


Hiruscar Post Acne

Activation in HCM City

Bayer – “Nativo – Mãi một niềm tin”

“Nativo – Mãi một niềm tin” Được tổ chức tại nhiều tỉnh thành: Long An, Tiền Giang, Đồng Tháp, Sóc Trăng, Hậu Giang...

Bayer Festival

Nativo - Antracol

Hiruscar Post Acne

2016 University Activation

Phytogyno - Purple Campaign

Market activation

Bayer Festival

Routine - Gaucho - Turbo

Cetaphil - Customer conference

Cetaphil - New development with DKSH

Co.opmart - Happy 20th Anniversary

TVC, App Mobile, Fanpage

Bosch Gala Dinner

Diverse connectivity, nothing's impossible

BlueScope Zacs - Billboard

Michelin - Billboard

Bosch Teambuilding

Herb powder "Thanh Nhiệt"

Pharmacy Activation

Dekalb genuity - Activation

Sacombank - Billboard

Vedan - Customer conference 2015

Vinh Tra Pottery

Hiruscar - Baby & Kids Fair 2015

Roche - POSM

Vietcoco - Design Packing

Coopxtra - Brand identity design

CoopMart - Digital Marketing

Bayer - Lucky Draw


Pharmacy Activation

Hiruscar - Light box

Pharmacy - Light box

CoopMart - Digital Marketing

Bayer Activation - Roadshow


Nativo - POSM

Behn Meyer - Customer conference

Cooperation Journey - Sustainable Development

Roche - Mabthera Workshop

Treatment Lymphom - Towards the optimal

Bayer Lauching


Bayer Display

Gaucho - Routine

Bayer - POSM

Sunato POSM

Vedan packing

Inauguration of new SeedGrowth center

SeedGrowth center in Can Tho City

Bayer - Customer conference

Bayer CropScience

GPi - Brand identity design

Midea - Customer conference

Ministry of Information and communications's Workshop

Implementing the plan in 2013

Vedan - Customer conference

Bay cao vươn xa cùng Vedan

Sapro - Brand identity design

Ministry of Information and communications's Workshop

Supporting enterprise organize implementing CMMI and ISO 27001 standards

Viettel - Launching ceremony

Event - Launching ceremony

Truong Thanh - Brand identity design

Orlane Paris - POSM

Efferalgan - POSM

Nursery school

Midea - Welcome home


MIC - Workshop

Event - Workshop on Building standards system of IT

Viettel - Prom Night

Night of V.I.P

Tien Giang - Conference

Event - Conference on investment promotion

Roche - Workshop

Xeloda workshop

MBS program

MBS Website management

MBS Software

Co.opmart - Integrated Systems

Co.opmart - App for Supermarket

App Mobile

Bayer - App Audit Dislay

App Mobile

Efferalgan - Audit software

Efferalgan - Phần mềm Audit

Dekalb genuity - App for supervisors

Bosch - Customer Loyalty Campaign

Loyalty program

Bosch - Loyalty Program

Loyalty program

Unilever - Video Conference

Cetaphil - Game for Customer conference

CoopMart - Website


Saigon CO.OP Website


CoopMart - App for Customer Loyalty

Hiruscar - Game for Activation

TEN Group - Website

Midea showroom

Midea - Office

I3 Solution - Office

Truong Thanh - Office

"Nha pho" - Interior

Sapro - Office

La Pagode restaurant

Teria coffee shop

"Nhac Trinh" coffee shop

Coffee shop in Tan Son Nhat Airport

Coffee shop in Lien Khuong Airport

Lotus Wine - Booth


Kem Nghia - Booth

Booth in Italia

Midea - booth

Kem Nghia - Booth

Booth in VN

Kem Nghia - Booth in fair

Vietnam, Italia, Hongkong, China

Kem Nghia - Booth in fair

Nha Trang - Thuong Hai - Bologna

Vedan - Exhibition area

Roche - Booth

Tien Giang - Conference

Event - Conference on investment promotion

Astrazeneca - chair of Hospital

BlueScope Zacs - Billboard

Michelin - Billboard

Budweiser - Lightboxes

63 Cao Thang Restaurant, Mơ Restaurant

Sacombank - Billboard

Bayer Festival

Arize - Đêm Hội Hoa Xuân

Kem Nghia - Strategy consulting

Strategic marketing plan, Brand strategies, business strategies

Vietcoco - Strategy consulting

Strategic marketing plan, Brand strategies, business strategies

STrade - Strategy consulting

Brand strategies, IMC

DDS - Strategy consulting

Brand strategy, IMC

SBS - Strategy consulting

Brand strategies, IMC

GLT - Strategy consulting

IMC Strategy

Song Viet - Strategy consulting

Business strategies

Gpi - Strategy consulting

Brand strategies

Truong Thanh - Strategy consulting

Management system & Brand strategy

Orlane - Strategy consulting

Brand Strategy

Indochina Green - Strategy consulting

Brand strategies
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