Trung Nguyên - "Lễ hội Âm nhạc truyền thống Việt" tại Phú Quốc

Vedan Đêm hội Oppa Hà Nội

Trung Nguyên Activation T11.2019

Vedan Đêm hội Oppa TPHCM

The New Savvy Viet Nam

Vedan - Taiwan Expo 2019

Wiliam Grant & Sons - Events

Trung Nguyên Activation 2019

Festival at Nguyen Hue Walking Street - Welcoming thousands of people every day

Booming the chain of 30th anniversary activities of Saigon Co.op

Saigon Co.op 30th anniversary "Triệu tin yêu"

Coca-Cola _ Activation "Uống thả ga, rinh quà cực đã"

Coca-Cola _ Audit Cooler

Saigon Co.op - "Chương trình xúc tiến tiêu thụ vải thiều trong hệ thống phân phối của Saigon Co.op"

Vedan "Hội chợ hàng Việt Nam chất lượng cao 2019"

Vedan - Activation 2019

Vedan "Biết nấu ăn là chuẩn OPPA" Hà Nội

Vedan "Biết nấu ăn là chuẩn OPPA" TP.HCM

Mutant Game Center Activation

Wiliam Grant & Sons – Gala dinner - “Hảo tửu nồng ấm, ân tình sẻ chia’’

VEDAN - Customer Conference in Ha Noi 2018

Trung Nguyên Office Building Activation

Saigon Co.op - The conference of retail trend in Vietnam merket from 2018 to 2020 and the development orientation of Saigon Co.op

Inauguration Ceremony Of VitaDairy Factory

Hackathon – IoT Innovation for Vietnam

Vedan Activation 2018

Trung Nguyen Activation 2018

Coca Cola - Internal launching event

Coke Coffee

Co.op Organic Cooking Show 3

Bosch - New Year Party 2018

Coca Cola - Giving Coca Cola for a Happy new year

Southern Lion dances

BEL Vietnam - Lucky Draw

VEDAN - Customer Conference in Ha Noi


VEDAN - Customer Conference in Ho Chi Minh City


Co.op Organic Cooking Show 2

Trung Nguyen Activation

Co.op Organic Cooking Show 1

Aqua Maris


Saigon Co.op Event

"Launching the project on management, identification, traceability of poultry meat and poultry eggs" Announcement

Gala dinner of Bosch Engineering Vietnam in 2017

Team building of Bosch Engineering Vietnam

Camp-fire night of Bosch Engineering Vietnam

Chuyến xe 20 năm tự hào hàng Việt – Cùng Co.opmart lan tỏa tình yêu hàng Việt.

Saigon Co.op - Event

VIP Gala Dinner DKSH 2016

Event - Customer Conference

Saigon Co.op - Launch of international standard organic products - Co.op Organic


Saigon Co.op - Chương trình "Tích tem đổi quà, đẳng cấp miễn phí"

Customer Conference

VEDAN - Customer Conference

Event - Customer Conference

Uriage Thermal Water


Customer Conference - Hiruscar 2016

Event - Customer Conference

Đề án Quản lý, nhận diện và truy xuất nguồn gốc thịt heo


Hiruscar Post Acne

Activation in HCM City

Hiruscar Post Acne

2016 University Activation

Phytogyno - Purple Campaign

Market activation

Cetaphil - Customer conference

Cetaphil - New development with DKSH

Co.opmart - Happy 20th Anniversary

TVC, App Mobile, Fanpage

Bosch Gala Dinner

Diverse connectivity, nothing's impossible

BlueScope Zacs - Billboard

Michelin - Billboard

Bosch Teambuilding

Herb powder "Thanh Nhiệt"

Pharmacy Activation

Sacombank - Billboard

Vedan - Customer conference 2015

Vinh Tra Pottery

Hiruscar - Baby & Kids Fair 2015

Roche - POSM

Vietcoco - Design Packing

Co.opXtra - Brand identity design

CoopMart - Digital Marketing


Pharmacy Activation

Hiruscar - Light box

Pharmacy - Light box

CoopMart - Digital Marketing

Behn Meyer - Customer conference

Cooperation Journey - Sustainable Development

Roche - Mabthera Workshop

Treatment Lymphom - Towards the optimal

Vedan packing

Inauguration of new SeedGrowth center

SeedGrowth center in Can Tho City

GPi - Brand identity design

Midea - Customer conference

Ministry of Information and communications's Workshop

Implementing the plan in 2013

Vedan - Customer conference

Bay cao vươn xa cùng Vedan

Sapro - Brand identity design

Ministry of Information and communications's Workshop

Supporting enterprise organize implementing CMMI and ISO 27001 standards

Viettel - Launching ceremony

Event - Launching ceremony

Truong Thanh - Brand identity design

Orlane Paris - POSM

Efferalgan - POSM

Nursery school

Midea - Welcome home


MIC - Workshop

Event - Workshop on Building standards system of IT

Viettel - Prom Night

Night of V.I.P

Tien Giang - Conference

Event - Conference on investment promotion

Roche - Workshop

Xeloda workshop

MBS program

MBS Website management

MBS Software

Co.opmart - Integrated Systems

Co.opmart - App for Supermarket

App Mobile

Efferalgan - Audit software

Efferalgan - Phần mềm Audit

Bosch - Customer Loyalty Campaign

Loyalty program

Bosch - Loyalty Program

Loyalty program

Unilever - Video Conference

Cetaphil - Game for Customer conference

CoopMart - Website

Saigon CO.OP Website

CoopMart - App for Customer Loyalty

Hiruscar - Game for Activation

TEN Group - Website

Kotex - Booth

Saigon Co.op - Booth

Co.opmart Cư M'Gar - Decoration

Kubota - Booth

Midea showroom

Midea - Office

I3 Solution - Office

Truong Thanh - Office

"Nha pho" - Interior

Sapro - Office

La Pagode restaurant

Teria coffee shop

"Nhac Trinh" coffee shop

Coffee shop in Tan Son Nhat Airport

Coffee shop in Lien Khuong Airport

Lotus Wine - Booth


Kem Nghia - Booth

Booth in Italia

Midea - booth

Kem Nghia - Booth

Booth in VN

Kem Nghia - Booth in fair

Vietnam, Italia, Hongkong, China

Kem Nghia - Booth in fair

Nha Trang - Thuong Hai - Bologna

Vedan - Exhibition area

Roche - Booth

Tien Giang - Conference

Event - Conference on investment promotion

Astrazeneca - Chair of spa

BlueScope Zacs - Billboard

Michelin - Billboard

Budweiser - Lightboxes

63 Cao Thang Restaurant, Mơ Restaurant

Sacombank - Billboard

AGL - Brand identity design

Solomon - Brand identity design

PickDrop - Brand identity design

Truong Thanh - Brand identity design

Kem Nghia - Strategy consulting

Strategic marketing plan, Brand strategies, business strategies

Vietcoco - Strategy consulting

Strategic marketing plan, Brand strategies, business strategies

STrade - Strategy consulting

Brand strategies, IMC

DDS - Strategy consulting

Brand strategy, IMC

SBS - Strategy consulting

Brand strategies, IMC

GLT - Strategy consulting

IMC Strategy

Song Viet - Strategy consulting

Business strategies

Gpi - Strategy consulting

Brand strategies

Truong Thanh - Strategy consulting

Management system & Brand strategy

Orlane - Strategy consulting

Brand Strategy

Indochina Green - Strategy consulting

Brand strategies
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