Our businesses

TEN Group is a full-service agency in providing solutions, products and services for corporations' activities.
We have four businesses including: Marketing, Software, Architecture, Consulting.
  • Marketing
  • Events, Activation, Display Audit
  • POSM, billboards, signboards, lightboxes
  • TVC production
  • Digital marketing
  • Software
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • System Integration
  • Audit System
  • Marketing Management System
  • Sales Management System
  • Websites, Mobile apps
  • E- commerce
  • Architecture
  • Office buildings
  • Showrooms
  • Villas, houses
  • Coffee shops, restaurants
  • Consulting
  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Brand strategy and identity design
  • Strategic marketing plan
  • Business strategy
  • Corporate strategy


TEN Group provides solutions, products and services connected with marketing, management, softwares for corporations in Vietnam to help increase efficiency in their business activities in general and in their marketing and management activities in particular.
  • To our customers: is one of the most METICULOUS company in Vietnam. The customers always believe in the quality of solutions, products, services and especially in risk management capabilities of TEN Group
  • To TEN Group's members: is one of the most ideal working environments in Vietnam. The staffs always have strong faith in the working environment and the bright future of TEN Group. Also, they want to stick with the company
  • To TEN Group's suppliers: is a big important and reliable customer. The suppliers always trust TEN Group
  • To TEN Group's stockholders: is a working-effectively company with spectacularly increasing profit. The stockholders always believe in TEN Group's potential

Core values






Smooth Communication


To become a leading brand of meticulousness and reliability in providing solutions, products and services for corporations' activities in Vietnam.

History and development

The Expert Network (TEN) was founded in June 2004 at Monash University, Australia by a group of Vietnamese postgraduate students majoring in management, marketing, art, architecture and IT. The initial purpose was to mutually share knowledge and experiences in studies and research.
In mid-2006 the group members returned to Vietnam after graduation and established the TEN Group JSC. After years of striving towards perfection, placing quality control for products and services as a top criterion, TEN Group has now become a reliable partner of many famous brands on the market.
[ c ] : TEN Group Joint Stock Company
[ a ] : No.56, St.3122, Pham The Hien Rd.,Wd.7 ,Dist.8, HCMC,VN
[ t ] : 028.5432 9067            028.5432 9068
[ e ] : info@tengroup.com.vn
[ w ] : www.tengroup.com.vn